Bilbao Street Parking: Know The Rules!

Bilbao Street Parking: Know The Rules!

Street parking throughout Spain is no issue over the weekend. Bilbao is no exception however from Monday – Friday, you need to display a ticket. The ticket can be a maximum of 2 hours from 9am – 1pm and again from 3pm – 8pm. I think this gap recognises the siesta in Spain….gotta love it!

So, I woke up in a rush on Monday morning at 8.55am on our last day in Bilbao. I rushed outside to print a free ticket for 15 minutes. Then I would go back, get my wallet and pay for the 2-hour ticket.

(Don’t ask me why I didn’t just take my wallet originally and pay for the full ticket then – I have no idea!)

So I come back with my wallet, go to the meter and follow the steps to get a 2-hour ticket. ERROR, ERROR, ERROR! After a few more frustrated attempts, a local explains where I went wrong.

Bilbao Street Parking: Know The Rules!
What you can expect to see on a Bilbao parking meter

Each time you take a free or paid ticket in a particular zone (we were in Zone 12) you have to enter your registration plate on the meter and it records the number. Once you take any ticket, you have to wait at least 3 hours to take another ticket on the same day!

(This article I’ve linked to explains the general Bilbao parking rules but leaves out the above rule. Probably no one else encountered this unfortunate rule…)

And the zones are huge. I drove around  for 20 minutes trying to see where Zone 12 ended so I could get a ticket in the next zone. Nope.

Happy ending to the story though: I end up leaving the car in the original spot for 2 hours and we don’t get fined…So there you go!

Bilbao Street Parking: Know The Rules!

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