Sevilla Parking Fiasco: Avoid Driving Near Inner City Sevilla!

Sevilla Parking Fiasco: Avoid Driving Near Inner City Sevilla!

The major negative driving story that springs to mind is trying to find our ‘pre-booked parking garage’ in Sevilla. I’m really going to try and paint the scene here….

After paying €18 for a 24-hour park in Cadiz, I asked our AirBnB host in Sevilla if he knew where to park on the cheap. He kindly offered to book us a garage for €20 for 2 days. This was almost half the price it was in Cadiz and so we jumped at the offer. He gave us the address. Away we go.

Thing is it was Sevilla at 9pm on a Friday night. Minuscule, cobblestone streets lined with locals heading out or sitting in cafe chairs right next to our passing rear-view mirrors. Our car’s sensor system basically never stopped screeching alerts that we were too close to objects.

Also don’t forget we had an Opel Mokka which is not the smallest car. To follow the directions as per navigation sometimes just wasn’t an option…..”after 50m, turn right onto Calle Sol”……Me: “Yeahhhhh, thats not happening!” It just physically wasn’t possible. At one turn, I had no option but to turn right and it took a 6-point turn to finally get going again!

Sevilla Parking Fiasco: Avoid Driving Near Inner City Sevilla!
Not our car or even my image…..but an accurate representation of the challenge in Sevilla!

Anway, after questioning our slim chances of survival, we turned right onto the street of the garage. Garage almost immediately on the left…..OMG – NOPE. This car won’t fit in there! And its a one-way street, cars are already stacking up behind us, theres a cafe opposite the garage thats full of people also calculating the geometry of our situation and coming to the same conclusion as me.

I drive ahead and pull over somewhere to let the other cars pass, briefly contemplate life choices and decide to see this catastrophe through! Maria gets out and holds off oncoming cars, I reverse back to the same spot and after a few attempts, we squeak into the garage entry.

We pay the impressed attendant the €20, agree on a rough pickup time on Sunday afternoon and walk away from this experience, thankful that us and the car are still in one piece!

BTW – I find I’m not alone in my opinion. Search ‘parking in Sevilla’ in Google and some people even define looking for parking in Sevilla as masochism!

Sevilla Parking Fiasco: Avoid Driving Near Inner City Sevilla!

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