Watch Me A Coruña

Located in the province of Galicia, A Coruña (La Coruña in Castillian) is quite a chilled city on the sea.


The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed……for me this is a border line of….boring!!! Yes, it’s a very lovely pretty town, but there is really not that much to do…..unfortunately for us, we came on a weekday, so couldn’t catch any live music or concerts since they are usually happening on a Friday or Saturday.

The weather wasn’t that appealing either, so swimming was out of the question. After wondering around a few times, we decided to purchase a “combination” ticket for three museums: science, aquarium and human body. We didn’t realise that all three are meant for kids…..(((( Really primitive content and explanation about physics (well Adrian was impressed of course as he failed physics at uni)))), but at least it was in Spanish so somewhat challenging. The aquarium was so sad I wanted to cry and save the only shark that was there…..

Making contact with locals


I bet when the weather is great, it would be amazing to swim and enjoy a drink on the beach of A Coruña, but unfortunately for us, the weather took it’s toll and gone with the wind we were off to our next stop, Oviedo.

Tip #1: Combination ticket costs €12 for access to all three museums.

Tip #2: Try and arrange your trip there on a weekend to enjoy at least some live music.

Tip #3: Don’t worry about Galician language here, everyone speaks at least Spanish or English.

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