Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!

Accent: Strong!
Weather: freezing cold (summer)
People: incredibly friendly but hard to understand (view above).
City: mesmerising
Recommend to visit (RTV): YES

We flew to Glasgow from Dublin and didn’t even have to get through customs in Glasgow as the airport worker mentioned: “It’s practically a domestic flight, yah know”.

As we walked out from the airport, we were struck by prices….7.50 pounds for a one-way bus journey to the city that takes 20min. Ok….time to change conversions in our heads!

We stayed in a very nice AirBnB in city outskirts and it only took us 20min to walk from the centre.

The lover of the afterlife that I am, we could walk to Glasgow Necropolis and Cathedral from our AirBnB. You can climb up on a spiral path among some very old tomb stones to find yourselves on top of the hill overlooking the city.

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!
View to the city from Necropolis

You can then cross the bridge to get to the cathedral. The cathedral looked very pretty from the inside and you can go downstairs into the crypt to learn more about important figures that influenced religion in Scotland.

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!
The Glasgow Cathedral

When we got to the centre, it was obvious that economically Scotland is doing better than Ireland. Fewer homeless people on the streets, the crowd is generally looking better-dressed, healthier and….happier!

Thanks to the local government, all museums in Glasgow are absolutely free, but the donations are encouraged.
When you approach the Gallery of Modern Art, it looks like there was some sort of demonstration/rebellion just a few hours ago: loads of people outside, bright ribbons everywhere and the statue at the front has an orange cone on its head as if the crowd doesn’t like the current government or wanted to play a joke on a king. Apparently all the “decorations” are there for a reason…. hm…..modern art is not for everybody 🙂

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!
Decorative efforts at the Gallery of Modern Art

There were a few interesting exhibitions inside and the building itself is quite cool!
Kelvin Grove art gallery is also highly recommended by locals but unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit it.

Tip #1: Wander around the University of Glasgow and surrounding areas for cheaper food and drink options.Bank Street bar and kitchen had a pint of a very nice lager-St Mungo for 3.50.

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!
Bank Street Bar

Tip #2: For a great nightlife scene head to Ashton Lane in West End, which is the buzzing area for drinking and eating. Ubiquitous Chips offers a tiny rooftop terrace for soaking up rare sunlight. Scottish people are super friendly and very happy to randomly strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!
Ubiquitous Chips in the West End

Tip #3: Don’t play too hard 🙂 Due to very strict regulations, alcohol can only be sold 10am-10pm in Scotland to discourage alcoholism (right…..). However, you can still buy alcohol in bars until 12am, but after that, head to the clubs or the game is over!

Tip #4: Also, little that we knew, when we withdrew cash we got Scottish pounds! Apparently they are just like English pounds, but you should try and use them within Scotland. If you take them with you to England, some places might look at you funny!

Overall, Glasgow is a very impressive medieval city with loads of history and I highly recommend to visit!


Watch Me Glasgow: grab yourself a wee drink!

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