Watch Me Halle: a spontaneous German getaway

Watch Me Halle

After we came back from our 5-week, non-stop Spain-Portugal-France adventures, we planned to have a rest and recover for a week in London before our next trip to Ireland.

Little that we knew, our friend Vitaly decided to pay us a surprise visit from Melbourne and arrived to London almost at the same time as we returned from Paris!

Watch Me Halle
Hitting the road again, a bit sooner than expected!

He had tickets to the tennis final in Halle, Germany in 3 days time and after some brief hesitation we booked flights all together to Dortmund.

(This means we lost our original tickets from London to Dublin as we booked with Ryanair and to change the flights is more expensive than buying new tickets itself…..but we gained so much more instead!)

Dortmund is rather small and we stayed here only one night. Our plan was to rent a car and drive to Halle in the morning to see Federer vs Zverev in the final on Sunday.

Watch Me Halle
The 2 finalists warming up

Tip #1: The cheapest and best way from Dortmund Airport to the city centre is by bus 490 all the way to Aplerbeck, then take line U47 (a weird overground train that turns into a normal underground metro). This line goes all the way to the main station, Hauptbahnhof. Single ticket costs €2.70 for the whole trip.

Tip #2: You can buy Gerry Webber Open tickets for the final on eBay a week before the final, sometimes only for 100 euros or less! We were sitting in the first row and were super close to the players which made this experience incredible! The game was pretty great but short, as the young Zverev didn’t play to his full potential, probably being mentally humbled by the big F.

Tip #3: If you ever to go to Gerry Weber arena in Halle to see a tennis match or a music concert, please don’t bring any sprays or selfie sticks. They will not allow them. However, if you bring these items anyway – they will put a matching number on the item and your tickets and store the item in a special booth. You will be able to retrieve your possessions after the event by showing the matching number on your ticket.

After the match, we briefly stopped nearby in a small town called Haserwinkel to get some Turkish food. Turkish cuisine is delicious in Germany and super popular due to the high number of Turkish immigrants.

Watch Me Halle
Turkish food paired up German Beer is a firework in your mouth!

We then drove on to Cologne. The last time we visited this amazing city was 4 years ago. The cathedral is still standing and looking better than ever! Have a read of my post about Cologne!

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