Watch Me Murcia

Watch Me Murcia

Murcia – We were picked up by our AirBnb hostess, Lorena, and her husband from the airport. Lovely Moroccan-Spanish couple, who speak 3 languages between each other – French, Arabic and Spanish. In addition, Lorena also speaks Italian and English – oh…those European multilingual bastardos we are jealous of!

Murcia itself is a nice, quiet, but kinda boring place. We were “lucky” to spend a Sunday there, when everything is closed and people are going to the church and blocking all the pathways on their way out of church while they are hanging out with their family.


  1. I lived in Murcia last year while studying at the university. I agree that it can be quite boring (especially on Sunday/Monday, when everything’s closed). However, it is still a lovely, quaint city and there are a lot of hidden gems within it. If you do return to Murcia another time, I would definitely recommend the restaurant Mano a Mano. They have incredible empanadas and pizza.

    1. Thanks for the tip Hannah! Will definitely try this restaurant next time we are in Murcia!
      Yes, we only spent one day there so didn’t get to discover all the hidden gems this city has to offer!) but it’s a good reason to come back :-))

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