Meet The Roamers

Meet The Roamers

Meet The Roamers
Loch Ness featuring, Yours Truly. Notably absent, Nessi the mythical monster…

Adrian Winther, 27, Melbourne native.

I want to document real travel stories & city reviews but also provide updated travel information about the quirks of catching flights, obtaining visas and how to save some pennies while traveling.

Hope you enjoy the stories!

Looking like a retro-tourist at the entry gates of Buckingham Palace, right next to Trafalgar Square in London.

Maria Muchkaeva.

25 years old.

Born in a non-existent country of USSR; moved to Melbourne (Australia) at 14 and it’s been home ever since.

Was persuaded by a fellow traveller, Adrian Winther, to start a blog together to share our experiences and post some good travel tips for your curious minds.

My style of writing is a bit abrupt but hopefully you will enjoy my straight to the point approach 🙂