Watch Me Cologne: cathedrals and castles on the Rhine

Watch Me Cologne

After the tennis experience, we then drove on to Cologne. The last time we visited this amazing city was 4 years ago! The cathedral is still standing and looking better than ever! Also known as Kölner Dom, it’s considered one of the biggest Gothic churches in the world.

After the climb, we found a great little family-run German restaurant in the centre, Oma’s Kuche. I’d suggest whatever the ‘special sausage’ is, usually served with sauerkraut and mashed potato. Thank me later!

Oma’s Kuche, delivering the goods!

We also managed to make a day trip to one of the castles, Schloss Drachenburg, near Cologne. The castle itself is quite impressive and offers beautiful views of the Rhine river and nearby towns. The entry ticket costs 7 euros.

Schloss Drachenburg on the Rhine

We keep coming back to Cologne as there is just something about this city that makes you fall in love with it over and over again!

Tip #1: Go on top of the cathedral 10min before 12pm and you can watch and listen to the bells ringing inside, but warning! They are obviously very loud, so you can bring some ear plugs or cover your ears. The ticket costs 4 euros to go up the spiral stairs and is worth all the panting… the view is breathtaking.

Tip #2: If you don’t want to struggle with the Kölner Dom stairs, I suggest the Panorama building instead. Located on the other side of the bridge to the cathedral, it only costs 3 euros and uses an elevator. Even though you are looking through the glass at the top, the view point is higher than on the cathedral and you get to see the cathedral itself of course!

Tip #3: The easiest way to get to the airport is by train and costs 2.80 euros. It takes about 20min from the city centre. Don’t forget to validate your ticket by stamping it before boarding the train! Take the S13 train in direction to Troisdorf to reach the airport.

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