Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business…..

Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business…..

Gad look endastenden de exent doon en Cork!

Translated to English: (Good luck understanding the accent down in Cork!)

Well, that was our impression immediately walking around Cork. I had kind of expected not to understand Irish accents at some point and well, in Cork the accent smacked us in our ears!

Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business.....
Cork still got that gloomy Irish summer look 🙁

Apparently, according to our hostel receptionist, Corkers speak much faster than the rest of Ireland and the accent has an extra twang. Hard to explain, even harder to understand!

Cork has a small city centre that briefly splits the River Lee and its a lively place. Strikes the tourist balance by being bigger than Limerick but not as touristy as Galway.

Main attraction of Cork though – not actually in Cork! The famous Blarney Stone located inside the lesser-known Blarney Castle is about 30 minutes by bus.

Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business.....
Stunning flora in the gardens at Blarney Castle

Apparently, kissing the stone bestows the gift of eloquence. Nowadays I think it only bestows the gift of germs. However, we succumbed to our tourist curiosities and decided to see what the fuss is about.

As it turns out, mostly American tourists crowded the castle grounds and the stairs all the way to the top, actually professing they were there because it was just a bucket list thing. Maybe it was also the fact that it was July 4th and they wanted to celebrate Independence Day with a milestone!

Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business.....
The kissing queue…

Honestly, its not worth the 1-hour plus queue and the agonisingly slow climb to the top. Once at the top, you join a kissing production line – theres literally a staff member paid to hold tourists as they lean back and kiss the stone! All I heard from him was ‘lie down, head back, who was next?’ on repeat every 5 seconds!

Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business.....
Maria locked in a romantic moment with Mr Blarney

The castle grounds and gardens are far more interesting. Theres also a poison garden with nightshade, mandragora (from Harry Potter) and some cannabis!

Tip #1: Bus 215 takes you to Blarney from Cork for a €7 return. Bus leaves from Parnell Place and just buy tickets on the bus.

Tip #2: Entry to Blarney Castle is €15 per person and they ask you if the 1-hour wait time to climb the castle is OK. This isn’t a chance to demand that the queue go faster, rather its more of a strange Irish courtesy!

Tip #3: The climb up the castle stairs is extremely windy and narrow. If you’re slightly claustrophobic, I’d advise against it.


Watch Me Cork: Bloody Blarney business…..

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