Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!

Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!

From Galway, we took an Irish Rail train to Limerick which took about 1.5 hours. A stunning landscape outside the window helps pass the time!

Limerick to me is the embodiment of ‘quaint little Irish town’. A few old monuments & museums, charming river walk and REAL Irish pubs!

So, really there’s not a lot of touristy stuff beyond King John’s Castle. We were cheap on this and didn’t go inside, but instead admired the castle from outside. Its medieval grandeur is impressive enough from outside in my opinion.

Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!
Street graffiti nearby the castle is also very interesting, freaky and free!

After the castle walk, we stopped at the Locke Pub right on the River Shannon for our customary Guinness check. Also, its worth noting the average pint price for Guinness in Limerick sits around €4.50 (compared to about €5.50 in Dublin). Quality however doesn’t waver and Limerick passes the Guinness check!

Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!
Limerick can Guinness as well….

However, for me the true gem of Limerick that we found was the Glen Tavern on Glentworth Street. Its atmosphere is an immediate departure from the overcrowded and touristy pubs of Galway. Everything you imagine from an Irish pub; football and rugby playing on different screens, dodgy locals leering at you as you walk in but still somehow maintaining a homely, welcoming feel!

Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!
Feeling glorious after Irish dinner!

The pub grub is top-notch, portions are perfect and not pricey at all and the staff are super friendly, happily advising on their their local red and pale ales.

We only stayed 1 night in Limerick and as you can see, we filled most of our schedule with drinking! Ireland is really good for that 🙂

Tip #1: Irish Rail provide an excellent service for hopping around Ireland. I’ll do a post shortly about the best Ireland intercity transport!

Tip #2: If it wasn’t clear enough in the post, go to the Glen Tavern! Order an Irish staple like bangers and mash with a local red ale and feel yourself slowly becoming an Irish local!

Tip #3: So, I think the entry to King John’s castle is €12 but unless you’re deadset on visiting it, just save this money for like 2 and a half extra Guinnesses! Otherwise book here for an online discount.


Watch Me Limerick: a taste of REAL Ireland!

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