Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather

Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather

It was raining pretty much the whole time we were in Edinburgh. The temperature didn’t rise above 12 degrees Celsius (in July!!!) and was as low as 8 degrees when we walked out to be tourists in the morning.

Even with the wrong wardrobe and constantly wet feet, I could not hide the fact that I was in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! I was so stunned by the presence and uniqueness of this medieval city that I didn’t care that steam was coming out from my mouth in the middle of summer.

Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather
The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

We were staying at a student accommodation, conveniently turned into furnished apartments during the summer break.

Edinburgh itself is not too big, so you can easily cover all “touristic” spots by foot. To be frank, gloomy and oppressive weather conditions created the perfect atmosphere for exploring the city in the best medieval spirit of despair 🙂

Lately, Scotland has been actively demonstrating the movements of independence and nationalism. These movements even though very resonant, weren’t as aggressive as moods in Ireland towards England as usually the heads of England and Scotland shared common blood and ancestry and were focused on strengthening the bond between the two nations resulting in the Act of Union in 1707 and later Kingdom of Great Britain.

Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather
Edinburgh Castle

Scottish people are extremely kind and polite and I’d like to think their education, manners and overall intelligence were reinforced during Scottish Enlightenment of 18-19th centuries when famous Scottish scientists and philosophers challenged the old ways and Scottish universities were considered among the best in Europe given rise to Adam Smith, Adam Ferguson and James Hutton among many others.

Edinburgh Castle is situated on top of the city hill. It is said that a huge iceberg once slid off the mountain creating the most iconic street in Edinburgh – the Royal Mile. It’s certainly a very touristic place but still essential to visit. I especially like the little lanes and staircases coming off the Royal Mile and leading you down to the darker corners of the city.

It is also said that the expression “sh*t-faced” was born on one of those narrow lanes. Being an old city Edinburgh is, there used to be no canalization and people used to pour the contents of their night pots early in the morning, when the drunkest lads were wobbling down the path.

Scottish love to deep fry everything! Pies, meat, pizza slices – you name it! Even Mars bars couldn’t avoid this extra unhealthy end to their lives! Not surprisingly, Scotland is one of the top nations to suffer from heart diseases. However, recently this trend has been steadily decreasing, probably due to a larger portion of tourists, who take all the deep-fried nonsense on themselves.

Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather
Adrian had to try the deep-fried Mars Bar (of course)

Another interesting Scottish dish is Haggis. From what I was told, it’s the organs and intestines of cows mushed together and served with mashed potatoes and turnip. Historically it’s the food of the poor, who sold all the “good” meat to the rich and were forced to eat whatever is left. Nowadays, you can even find a vegetarian Haggis, which I found absolutely delicious!

Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather
Haggis in its original form

On one of the nights, we were deeply entertained during our Ghost Tour! So many bloody murders and mysteries happened on the streets in Edinburgh that just walking around there gives you creeps!! Especially many murders happened at Arthur’s Seat, so watch out when you go there!))

Being a Harry Potter fan that I am, I couldn’t not mention that J. K. Rowling wrote all of her books in Edinburgh and got inspiration for many of her character names from a small city cemetery called Greyfriars Kirkyard, where you can find McGonagall, Lupin, Moody among many others! There are also a few cafes claiming that they are the original cafe, where Harry Potter was written, however, a lot of the books were also written in a hotel nearby.

Edinburgh captivates you with its misty mysteries and creepy atmosphere! It’s an absolute gem within Europe and this city has to be on everyone’s bucket list to visit!

Tip #1: The way to get around in Scotland (and the UK in general) seems to be a mobile app called Gett. While Uber reigns supreme in Australia, the Uber service in the UK is very average. Instead, the Gett app links users with the infamous black cab network, for a great price and service with a smile (usually).

Tip #2: The fish-and-chip shop in the corner of Grassmarket will do you a delicious deep-fried Mars Bar for £2.50.


Watch Me Edinburgh: Ghouls, haggis and gloomy weather

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