Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more

Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more

For anyone visiting Scotland, the Highlands is an absolute MUST, no matter how long your trip may be. Unfortunately we only had 1 day spare for the Highlands but this is our story.

We booked a 1-day bus tour through Discover Scotland and it was totally, undoubtedly, 100%, worth it! I don’t usually like the idea of 1-day tours and organised tours in general but given our time constraints, we took a bet on this tour and won.

So, Sunday morning, meet at 7.45am at George Square in Glasgow. Brutal for 2 travellers who developed an affection for the Spanish body-clocks!

However, the company’s driver and tour guide, Cameron, greeted us with a full wave of Scottish cheer!

Watch Me Highlands: let's journey into the misty mountains
Our bus and kilted driver, Cameron, during a stop

Our first stop was The Drover’s Inn, nestled in Loch Lomond National Park. Pitstop for coffees, bathrooms and admiring the mist looming around us.

Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more
Drover’s Inn, our first stop in the Highlands

We continued onward to Glencoe and Fort William. Words really fail to capture the scenery. Perhaps I’ve romanticised the Highlands in my head too much but its truly incredible in the flesh! Haunting, endless, vast and very very misty!

Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more
A misty stop in the Highlands

We had a lunch stop at the Spean Bridge Mill. The soup of the day + bread roll is £4.25 so its a no-brainer to warm your insides (….the Highlands are beautiful but a kind of chilly place!).

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle was next. At this point, you decide if you want to see the castle and then take a short cruise up Loch Ness or if you want a longer cruise on the Loch but no castle tour. We took the combo option because its Scotland and you can never have too many castles. You get a short film about the 1500-year history of the fortress and its various inhabitants, a walk around the castle ruins and some great scenery (as par for the course in the Highlands).

As for Loch Ness, it is beautiful. However there are so many Lochs in Scotland that you could see for less money.

Apparently though, in a triathlon recently where the participants swam in Loch Ness, the athletes were all insured up to 1 million pounds for bites/attacks from “Nessi” so someone is definitely putting stock into the legend!

Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more
“A monster on the lake…!”

Cameron, our driver, perfectly punctuated the sometimes long stretches of driving with great stories about the landscape; part of the road we drove on was used for filming in Skyfall (he also played Adele’s theme song to accompany that drive) and Hagrid’s hut from Harry Potter being fully constructed in a nearby protected park site and therefore being fully torn down after filming.

He also broadly told the history of Scotland over the whole day, which Maria and I loved hearing about.

Basically, there’s a lot to be said for this particular tour but take one for yourselves! Or visit the Highlands for longer….I know I’ll be back for more one day 🙂


Watch Me Highlands: Loch Ness and much, much more

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