Watch Me Ronda

We drove through Ronda on our way to Cadiz and stayed there for a couple of hours. I remember reading “For Whom the Bell Tolls” describing people being thrown off the cliff during the times of Spanish Civil War. Apparently Hemingway could have been writing about the events that were happening in Ronda.

Adrian is lost in the narrow streets of Ronda.

Absolutely stunning view of the bridge from both sides! And a waterfall that is seen underneath is like a cherry on top of this cake of splendid scenery. Tiny roads and again lots of tourists. If you get a chance- please go there; this view is not to be missed!

Tip #1: If you are driving, try not to park in the underground parking in the centre (even though all the signs are leading you there)… We managed to find parking not that far and for free!

Tip #2: Wear good shoes! The photos below were taken after climbing down quite a few stairs and uneven ground with stones. Bring some water too as getting this perfect photo could get a bit physical.


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