Watch Me Sevilla: Attack of the Tourists

Sevilla – the end of our Andalusían journey and how fitting to finish it in the capital.

Andalusía, in general, is a melting pot of history and different cultures. The Wikipedia page on Andalusía (sincere apologies to my past university professors for referencing Wikipedia) states that, “The region’s history and culture have been influenced by the native Iberians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Jews, Romani, Muslim Moors.” 

Nowadays, the region retains a strange atmosphere of all the variety that came before but in an odd, unified kind of way. And Sevilla is no exception!

The sights of Sevilla are all scrambling for tourists’ attention in their grandiose splendour. The Torre de Oro is prominent on the waterfront, the Alcazar looms from all angles near the city centre but the best sight for mine, is the Plaza de España.

A palace fit for a king…or twenty.


The building itself is of epic scale and the enormous square spreads out in front, seemingly never-ending towards the city.

More importantly however, for Star Wars junkies (even of the sequels/prequels/newer films), this square is the filming location for the scene of the return of Queen Amidala to Naboo in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones. See if you can spot the difference below…..

Seriously, if you’re into visiting famous filming locations, Sevilla won’t disappoint in that regard. The other famous spot in Sevilla is the Alcazar, which formed the scenes for the palace and gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones.

Confession: we didn’t go in to Alcazar because of the unbearable queue. Photo taken from Google Images.

Apart from the beautiful architechture of the city, explore all the tiny streets, sit in the squares and drink café bombón (coffee with condensed milk) and get lost as you explore the capital of Andalusía.

Honestly speaking, comparing to the other jewels of Andalusía such as Cádiz, Granada, Córdoba and Ronda, I wouldn’t call Sevilla the crowning jewel and declare that it trumps all others. However, be sure to put it on your travel plans – and don’t miss your chance to feel like a movie star.

Café bombón….coffee with condensed milk. How did I not think of this before?

Tip #1: Visit La Campana for a really nice pastry experience. Very proper counter service with old Spaniards in bowties and delicious, well-priced creamy goodness behind the glass. Order anything which tickles your fancy.

Tip #2: Plaza de Toros is €8 entry, but free on Mondays between 3pm – 7pm.

Tip #3: If you want to visit Alcazar, entry costs €9.5 however the queue is ghastly. Skip the queue by taking a guided tour – there will tour guides selling their services to all queue-sufferers.

Tip #4: Take a good map or have an offline Google Map downloaded. Street signs to major sights or even road signs are a rarity in Sevilla so orientate yourself as best you can.

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