Watch Me Spain: 100 Montaditos




Spanish McDonald’s – only cheaper, tastier, healthier (well, most of the time) and way more fun.

If you haven’t visited this institution in Spain and believe me, it is an institution, then do yourself a favour and make a beeline for whichever one is currently closest to you.

montadito is basically a small little baguette cut in half and then crammed full of delicious Spanish toppings. So imagine a place that does 100 different varieties of this montadito  and then serves them all for €1 each, then on top of that serves delicious beer and tinto de verano (essentially red wine for summer). Well, you’ve basically imagined 100 Montaditos!

Excited to receive the requested montaditos…

Seriously its an experience in itself, even if you’re against beer and jamón (which I mean, in that case are you really a human?), then just go there for the atmosphere. Record your montadito / beverage selections on a special order sheet, go to the order and just hand the cashier your sheet so if your Spanish is woeful then don’t worry….they thought of that!

All they ask for is “your nombre” to later yell out your name across the restaurant. Your drinks are prepared straight away, carry them to the table and wait for your moment in the sun. “Adrián, por favor” is screamed into the speaker system and its time to collect your delicious bites of Spanish heaven.

5 montaditos, chicken nuggets??, beer, red wine for €9. Winning.

Tip #1: All menu items are €1 on Sundays and Wednesdays. I think other days, some of the other selections range between €1.20 and €2.00.

Tip #2: Order something para picar. These snacks are prepared quickly so you can nibble on something while you wait for the montaditos.

Tip #3: Its easier to sit inside than on the terrace, otherwise you won’t hear when they call your name to collect your finished order.

Tip #4: I said healthier than McDonald’s most of the time because you can order montaditos with fillings of cookies & cream and pieces of white chocolate. MMMMM…….



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