Watch Me Whinge: 7 Reasons Not To Travel

After being a traveler for almost a year altogether, I came up with a few things that I can tell myself the next time I get that travel bug again, so that it wouldn’t be so tempting.

1) You start to really appreciate your en suite showers…. In order to save money, we stayed in numerous rooms with shared bathrooms and OMG some of them are nasty!! Not draining properly, dirty and with a weird water temperature adjustment system in place…..One thing is certain – your shower will not take long, since the next person is already banging at the door to get their fair share of some 0.80 euro sent gel de ducha if there is even any present!

2) Moving in, moving out, checking in, checking out……you can’t really fully unpack since you have to leave the next day. Got the full meaning of “living out of your suitcase”. In our case it’s out of our backpack: you take one t-shirt out to get to the shorts and realise they are not there. You then try to rattle some clothes around to get the damn thing out and still no luck. You end up taking every single thing out of your backpack to find the shorts on the bottom and then you realise they have a wine stain all over…. this brings me to the next point: laundry.

3) Every night you try to wash your underwear in a sink and then try to find a place to hang them. You wore your t-shirts for weeks and you try to mask the smell by spraying more deodorant on them. But there comes a point when you just need to wash your clothes in a washing machine…. and it’s a gem if it’s part of your accomodation! Otherwise, 5-15 euro splurge on just having your clothes washed……the first world problems 😞

4) You’ve seen so many places in so little time that everything kind of just blends into one huge piece of everything that you’ve seen so far….. you are lucky if this blob has some similar history like cities in Andalusía, otherwise you end up with some weird history insights and you can only hope you remembered the kings’ names correctly….my bet that you didn’t….

5) Booking more flights, accommodation, buses, trains and tours…. you only just arrived to the new city, you already have to think about your next move since everything is likely to be booked in the next 2 hours (or at least that’s what you think). Half of the day is spent to find the cheapest possible way out of this city you haven’t even got a chance to explore…. and once you realise that flights are ridiculously overpriced, you spend another half of the day to find a bus ride to get you somewhere out of there….. once it’s booked, you can explore this city only realising you love it so much you should’ve stayed for longer…..and here goes the busy rebooking night of no sleep…..

6) You miss your friends like crazy…. nothing to add there. You just do.

7) You always know that this trip will end at some point….and it’s ok…) this thought makes you squeeze everything out of your travelling experience and appreciate every second you have not working, but instead exploring the universe 🙂

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